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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes our company and products so different from others?

A: We, based in Jingdezhen China - the original birthplace of porcelain, and we are able to offer and guarantee the best products directly to all our customers at reasonable prices.

Q: What's about Yuan Dynasty porcelain?

A: During the Yuan Dynasty(1279-1368), the porcelain industry continued its rapid development. Blue and white porcelain of the Tang and Song dynasties, continued to be used with further development. The blue and white porcelain was painted with a strong blue under the transparent glaze. This resulted in the colour being protected by the layer of hard glaze, enabling it to be lasting and well preserved. Jingdezhen Kilns made technical breakthroughs in the material combination and the firing temperature which enabled them to produce of large porcelain wares. During the Yuan Dynasty, under glaze-blue and the under glaze-red was used for decoration. Before the Yuan Dynasty there was very little colour choice. Great advances were made in the production of coloured glaze during this Dynasty.

Q: What's about Ming Dynasty porcelain?

A: In the Ming Dynasty(1368-1644), the dragon and the phoenix were the most popular decorative motifs on porcelain and ceramic wares. Other animals, plant forms, and human figures in garden and interior setting were often used as decors for blue and white wares. The fashionable wucai (five colors) wares of Jia Jing (1522-1566) and Wan Li (1573-1620) periods are usually fully covered with colourful patterns. The colours used include red, yellow, light and dark green, brown, aubergine and underglaze blue. During the Ming Dynasty a variety of porcelain wares were decorated with motifs coming up on coloured ground instead. They included wares with green glazed pattern on a yellow ground, yellow glazed pattern on a blue ground, green glazed pattern on a red ground and other colour combinations. Another impressive type of coloured wares produced in the Ming Dynasty was the 'tri- colour'. The major three colours are yellow, green and aubergine.

Q: What's about Qing Dynasty porcelain?

A: During the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), the Chinese porcelain industry was once again under strong imperial control. The period was one of relative peace and economic prosperity and increasing ties and trade with Europe. Chinese porcelain wares were traded in increasing numbers to Europe. This helped stimulate the development of the procelain industry in the West. The Qing Emporers were avid patrons of the arts, which flourished in many forms during their reign. In 1677, the Kangxi emperor (1662-1722) rebuilt the imperial kilns and factories at Jingdezhen. The creation of a range of opaque overglaze enamel colours was one of the most important contributions made to ceramic technology during the Qing Dynasty. With the advent of opaque colours, painters could blend tints together to create varied gradations of shades and hues. Development of these enamels began during the reign of the Kangxi Emperor and continued into that of the Yongzheng Emperor (1737-1795). The colours developed in the early years of the Qing Dynasty continue to be used today in the decoration of porcelain wares.

Q: What's about artists work porcelain?

A: Art pieces which created by local or national famous porcelain artists or art masters, these are hand made and painted, limited edition items.

Q: What's your guarantee and return policy?

A: Whether or not you are new to buying goods over the internet from outside your own country you can be assured that we value our customers highly and your purchase is covered by our 100% no-guibble guarantee. We guarantee your total satisfaction with every item you buy from us - if for any reasons you are not happy with the items you purchased just simply return it to us in original condition and packing within 7 days of receipt and we will refund you or give you exchange (shipping cost is not refundable). If your order gone missing or get damaged during transportation please let us know at once so that we can deal with the matter and send out replacements at no extra cost to you.

Q: I am interested in a certain piece, but plan to purchase later. Will you still have this piece in stock?

A: We cannot guarantee that the piece will be in stock. This is because all of our pieces are hand crafted, so each and everyone is unique. This is a benefit as it is guaranteed that no one will have a piece just like yours. However, similar pieces will be available.

Q: Do you do custom design?

A: Most products in our site can be customized to your own specific requirement (expect artists work porcelain) and in most cases with no extra costs. Please contact us if you want to add your own design to any of our products.

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